Land surveying has always been an ancient necessity to determine the actual property boundaries of a parcel of land, of which this method is used for building permits, purpose of erecting fences, and resolving property disputes. Land surveying is the scientific and technological practice of determining the terrestrial distances of land properties and the person conducting this is known as a land surveyor. To do this, there are actually various measures and equipment needed for measuring the distances from one point to another. Without the proper tools and equipment, a land surveyor cannot accurately achieve the necessary data to document the land survey. In ancient times, a metal chain was the most profound equipment to calculate the distances, but throughout the years, surveying equipment have literally evolved, reinvented, and improved. 

Surveyors today are fortunate to be equipped with modern surveying supplies which offers the surveyors as many innovative options to perform land surveying with utmost accuracy. Most notable is the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is considered an important means to gather a high percentage of accuracy in surveying data. The satellite information given enables the land surveyor to find and measure the points on the ground level at high precision. On the other hand, other equally important equipment tools such as the digital theodolite, an optical instrument to measure the various angles of horizontal and vertical planes, are as much needed as possible and others, such as digital levels, data collector, total station, wherein each of these devices has its own characteristic functions and uses. The total station is placed on a tripod which is the very tool to determine the angle and distance between two points. It goes to show, therefore, that having the proper tools and equipment is important for the surveying process to successfully take place. Thanks to technological innovations, the practice of land surveying has become far easier than what used to be.

There are many recognized land surveying equipment suppliers in the market that sell surveying devices either in retail or in wholesale prices. The internet can very much assist a land surveyor to search for the best finds as there are websites that are specifically for this purpose. They can go over the most modern and state of the art surveying equipment and weigh down the prices, as well as make inquiries right through an interactive website. However, it also pays to make a physical visit to the equipment store to take a hands-on look at the advertised equipment.